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"Oh, if you were you wouldn't say so. You'd let on to be looking for good crossings on Pearl River, so that if Johnston should get chewed up we needn't be caught here in a hole, Ferry's scouts and all."

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Why Choose Purpose-Built Embedded Analytics?

It was but a few months ago that Mr Keeling, taking advantage of a break in the lease of his own house, and the undoubted bargain that he had secured in this more spacious residence, had bought the freehold of The Cedars, and had given the furnishing and embellishment of it (naming the total sum not to be exceeded) into the hands of his wife and the head of the furnishing department in his stores. The Gothic porch, already there, had suggested a scheme to the artistic Mr Bowman, and from it you walked into a large square hall of an amazing kind. On the floor were red encaustic tiles with blue fleurs-de-lis, and the walls and ceiling were covered with the most expensive and deeply-moulded Lincrusta-Walton paper of Tudor design with alternate crowns and portcullises. It was clearly inconvenient that visitors should be able to look in through the window that opened on the carriage-sweep; so Mr Bowman had arranged that it should not open at all, but be filled with sham{15} bottle-bottoms impervious to the eye. In front of it stood a large pitch-pine table to hold the clothings and impedimenta of out-of-doors, and on each side of it were chairs of Gothic design. The fireplace, also new, had modern Dutch tiles in it, and a high battlemented mantel-shelf, with turrets at the corners. For hats there was a mahogany hat-rack with chamois-horns tipped with brass instead of pegs, and on the Lincrusta-Walton walls were trophies of spears and battle-axes and swords. Mr Bowman would have left the hall thus in classic severity, but his partner in decoration here intervened, and insisted on its being made more home-like. To secure this she added a second table on which stood a small stuffed crocodile rampant holding in his outstretched forelegs a copper tray for visitors calling cards. Mrs Keeling was very much pleased with this, considering it so quaint, and when her friends called, it often served as the header-board from which they leaped into the sea of conversation. The grate of the fire-place, empty of fuel, in this midsummer weather, was filled with multitudinous strips of polychromatic paper with gilt threads among it, which streamed from some fixed point up in the chimney, and suggested that a lady with a skirt covered with ribbons had stuck in the chimney, her head and body being invisible. By the fireplace Mrs Keeling had placed a painted wheelbarrow with a gilt spade, containing fuchsias in{16} pots, and among the trophies of arms had inserted various Polynesian aprons of shells and leather thongs brought back by her father from his voyages; these the outraged Mr Bowman sarcastically allowed added colour about which there was no doubt whatever. Beyond this hall lay a farther inner one, out of which ascended the main staircase furnished (here again could be traced Mr Bowmans chaste finger) with a grandfathers clock, and reproductions of cane-backed Jacobean chairs. From this opened a big drawing-room giving on the lawn at the back, and communicating at one end with Mrs Keelings boudoir. These rooms, as being more exclusively feminine, were inspired in the matter of their decoration by Mrs Keelings unaided taste; about them nothing need be said beyond the fact that it would take any one a considerable time to ascertain whether they contained a greater number of mirrors framed in plush and painted with lilies, or of draped pictures standing at angles on easels. Saddlebag chairs, damask curtains, Landseer prints, and a Brussels carpet were the chief characteristics of the dining-room.About ten miles out from Yokohama the party turned from the Tokaido, and took a route through the fields. They found the track rather narrow in places; and on one occasion, when they met a party in jin-riki-shas, it became necessary to step to the ground to allow the vehicles to be lifted around. Then, too, there had been a heavy rainthe storm that cut short their visit to Tokio; and in some places the road had been[Pg 164] washed out so that they were obliged to walk around the breaks. Their journey was consequently somewhat retarded; but they did not mind the detention, and had taken such an early start that they had plenty of time to reach Enoshima before dark. They met groups of Japanese peasants returning home from their work; and in every instance the latter made way for the strangers, and stood politely by the roadside as the man-power carriages went rolling by. Frank wanted to make sketches of some of the groups, and was particularly attracted by a woman who was carrying a teapot in one hand and a small roll or bundle under her other arm. By her side walked a man carrying a couple of buckets slung from a pole, after the fashion so prevalent in Japan and China. He steadied the pole with his hands, and seemed quite indifferent to the presence of the foreigners. Both were dressed in loosely fitting garments, and their feet were shod with sandals of straw. The Japanese sandal is held in place by two thongs that start from near the heel on each side and come together in front. The wearer inserts the thong between the great toe and its neighbor. When he is barefooted this operation is easily performed; and, in order to accommodate his stockinged feet to the sandal, the Japanese stocking has a separate place for the "thumb-toe," as one of them called the largest of his "foot-fingers." The foot of the Japanese stocking closely resembles the mitten of America, which young women in certain localities are said to present to discarded admirers.Many of todays embedded analytics and BI vendors built their standalone applications first so they are not purposely designed to be embedded into applications. This adds tremendous complexity, requiring complicated integration with their back-end proprietary system. It also forces ISVs or enterprises to use an unpredictable and costly, metered pricing model. Get integrated quickly with embedded analytics that allow you to access sophisticated statistical functions such as regression analysis and time-series forecasting.

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Fast, Easy Integration
Easily integrate data analytics into your application with no added requirements. Reveal’s flexible architecture and rich APIs give you control of the features in your app, making it a seamless part of the user’s app experience.

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Superior User Experience
Excite your users by making it easy for them to create, edit, and apply machine learning models to their their own data visualizations without leaving your application. Increase adoption of evidence-based decision making. Try it yourself

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Transparent, Affordable Pricing
With our simple, fixed price you can reach an unlimited number of users on any device. And pay no usage fees. Know exactly what you’ll be paying without any surprises.

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Deploy Everywhere: Cloud, Web, Desktop, Mobile, On-Premise

At a guess I should say it was, she said.{139}Conversation ran on various topics for an hour or more, and then Doctor Bronson announced that he would go out for a while, and hoped to give them some interesting information on his return. The boys busied themselves with their journals, and in this way a couple of hours slipped along without their suspecting how rapidly the time was flying. They were still occupied when the Doctor returned.Cut the time to create and manage dashboards for your end users and eliminate vendor-side dependencies. Reveals responsive dashboards such as marketing and kpi dashboards look beautiful everywhere with touch and smooth scrolling on all screen sizes. Use our powerful APIs to quickly add data analytics capabilities to existing applications with our native web, desktop, iOS and Android SDKs. And take advantage of Big Data with connectors to Azure SQL, Azure Synapse, and Google Big Query.

  • Connect or deploy to any on-premise or cloud-based server
  • Manage deployment, scalability and resilience with container and micro-service architecture
  • Use statistical functions such as linear regression and predictive analytics to see trends in your data
  • Ensure data security with full encryption
  • Enable custom actions based on your users’ interactions
  • Link to your data models and create dashboards from your application memory with our in-memory data source

I never knew you before to-night, father, she said.Check out any of our resources including the Reveal Developer Guide, Documentation, or Architechure and Security.

"The population is said to be about a million, on land and water. Those who live in boats are about sixty thousand. The city was founded more than two thousand years ago, according to the Chinese historians, but it was not surrounded with a wall until the eleventh century. The wall to-day is the same that was first built, but it has been repaired and changed a good deal in the time it has stood, and some new parts have been added. The circuit of the walls is about seven miles, but there are suburbs that now form a part of the city, so that it is a journey of not less than ten miles to go around Canton.I went down to the supper-table. Camille was there, dispensing its promiscuous hospitality to men who ate like pigs. I would as leave have found her behind a French-market coffee-stand. Harry Helm, nursing his bandaged hand, was lolling back from the board and quizzing her with compliments while she cut up his food. A fellow in the chair next mine said he had seen me with Ferry when we joined the Louisianians' charge. "Your aide-de-camp friend over yonder's a-gitt'n' lots o' sweetenin' with his grub; well, he deserves it."

Make Your Apps Shine with Embedded Analytics

"Cock-a-doodle-doo," thought I; "if those are not the same hundred-dollar boots I saw yesterday morning, at least they are their first cousins!"I took up my pen, and until twilight we spoke thereafter only of abstracts and requisitions. But then he led me on to tell him all about myself. I explained why my first name was Richard and my second name Thorndyke, and dwelt especially on the enormous differences between the Smiths from whom we were and those from whom we were not descended.Request a Demo

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Drive Higher Business Growth

"Good-bye, Doctor Bronson; good-bye, Mr. Fred. Bon voyage!"Only 35% of enterprise employees currently use data analytics. A key issue is that existing programs interrupt user flow, requiring employees to use a separate tool. If you embed analytics in their existing apps, analytics become intuitive and help spur faster and better decision-making.

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See Predictions with Machine Learning

I found it an excellent sermon, he said, with admirable neutrality; I only hope that MrMr Silverdale will give us such good ones.Use Reveal’s new machine learning features to identify and visually display predictions from your data to make more educated business decisions. Read data from Microsoft Azure and render outputs into beautiful visualizations.

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Access Big Data Fast

{sjtxt}Reveal supports Azure SQL, Azure Synapse, Google Big Query, and AWS data connectors, letting you pull millions of records into Reveal. Create visualizations fastwe’ve tested 100 million records in Azure Synapse and it loads in a snap.

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Built for Scalability and Resiliency

{sjtxt}{sjtxt}Reveals architecture incorporates containers and microservices so it is distributed across tens or hundreds of serversproviding resiliency and making it easy to scale.


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Embedded AnalyticsEmbedded Analytics

Reveal is so intuitive that we incorporated it into our existing software much faster than expected, and we created beautiful dashboards with little need for documentation. Our ERP software now transforms data into powerful visualizations and provides our customers with tactical, operational, and strategic insights.

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Mark Turkel, CEO of Palm Beach Software

We’ve been really happy with Infragistics’ embedded analytics tools over the years. We are excited by Reveal’s beautiful data visualizations and drag and drop simplicity.

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Makoto Yamada, Chief Technology Officer, SuperStream

Our software automates cybersecurity countermeasures along with other leading-edge security protections. Reveal makes it simple for our customers to visualize threat patterns, and it offers us a fixed, affordable pricing model. We can project what our costs will be, unlike other vendors that charge a per-user or usage fee.

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John Gomez, CEO of Sensato


Embedded Analytics

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Questions to ask your embedded analytics vendor guide | Reveal analytics

Buyers Guide: 7 Questions to Ask Your Embedded Analytics Vendor

Before you commit to a vendor, consider this: Will your app experience be consistent on every platformor is it optimized for only 1? Can you figure out its cost? Explore these and many others in our newest Buyer’s Guide.


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